Maintenance Details for June 29th, 2017

Our engineers are working around the clock to ensure that any downtime on is kept to a minimum, you may also take the actions below to ensure your website does not experience any downtime during our Maintenance window on June, 29th, 2017.


Option 1: Migrate your Flash site to our new HTML5 platform.

As browsers continue to start blocking Flash, we strongly encourage you to migrate away from your Flash site as soon as possible. The liveBooks team has been working hard this past year and a half by manually migrating our client’s sites so that they are ready for you to preview before you make the switch. Contact us now by emailing us at or booking a phone call here so that we can send you a preview of your new HTML5 site now.   


Option 2: Review your DNS Settings

If you manage your own Domain Name Server settings, please ensure that your DNS Settings are up-to-date and pointing to our most recent IP (


Click here to for a detailed manual on how to accomplish this, please contact your domain provider (ie. GoDaddy, 1and1 etc.) for assistance with this.

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