How do I make sure that Firefox and Flash Player are up to date?

If using Firefox, you will be prompted to update the browser version or update the Flash on your computer device. 
This will not be an issue as long as whoever is viewing your website, has the latest version of the browser and Adobe Flash. 

Here are instructions to insure your Firefox browser and Flash Player are up to date. 

Firefox Browser:

-Using Mac: 

  • Open the Firefox browser. On the menu bar, click the word "Firefox" and the menu will drop down. 

  • Click and select "About Firefox". The About Firefox window will appear. 

The version number is listed underneath the Firefox name. 

-Using PC: 

  • To view the About page in Mozilla Firefox, on the menu bar, click "Help". 

  • Click, "About Mozilla Firefox". 

  • This opens the Mozilla Firefox About page, The The Version number will be listed under the Firefox name. 

Flash Player:
To confirm that you're running the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player, please check here

You can download the latest version of the plugin directly from Adobe here

Please note that if you are using Apple OS 10.6.x, upgrading to Flash 13.x is not recommended. Apple has officially stopped their own support for 10.6.x.

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