editSuite Help - How do I enable Mobile Websites 2.0?

Mobile Websites 2.0, our responsive HTML5 mobile site design, transforms your liveBooks website into a clean, easy to navigate, photo-centric experience for all mobile visitors. Mobile Websites 2.0 is found in the “Edit Content” section of your editSuite. 

Enabling Mobile Websites 2.0

  • Go to the “Edit Content” section of your editSuite and select “Mobile Sites”.
  • Go to the “Mobile 2.0” tab. The default version of your Mobile 2.0 website will be shown. It is based on the settings used on your Tablet 1.0 site.
  • Click "Save" then the "Enable Mobile 2.0" button at the bottom of the page if you're happy with the font and color scheme you see in the live-preview editor. 

  • You can also customize your mobile experience. If you do like the default font and color scheme shown you can experiment with different combinations. Choose from various font and color options found in the drop down menus 


  • Use the “Preview” button to test the look and feel. Once you are happy with the results save the changes and click “Enable Mobile 2.0” at the bottom of the page. 

Once you’ve enabled Mobile Websites 2.0 your current Mobile and Tablet 1.0 Websites will be disabled. You may still revert back to Mobile 1.0, but we highly recommend that you use Mobile 2.0 to take advantage of the improvements for Google’s new ranking algorithm. We welcome your suggestions on any additional features or improvements you’d like to see in Mobile 2.0 as it continues to evolve.

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