How do I add title and caption information to my portfolio images?

You can add "image info" (title, caption, and keyword) to each of your portfolio images during the initial upload process, or via the LIGHTBOX module once the files have been added to libraries.


If you are uploading a new image into the EDIT CONTENT > UPLOAD IMAGES module, first drag it into a library of your choice on the right side of the page, then highlight the image once it's inside the library.

  • Select the IMAGE TITLE / COMMENTS / KEYWORDS tab that appears to the right of this list to bring up a panel that allows you to input an image title, comments (caption), and keywords.
  • When you have entered title and/or caption information for a portfolio image the IMAGE INFO button will appear on the front of the site for this particular image. Visitors can scroll over this button to view the information in a pop-up bar over the image.
  • Data entered in the KEYWORDS panel is not visible to site visitors but is accessible for search engine crawlers and can aid in search engine optimization. For more information on SEO please find more detailed information and check out our search engine optimization webinar .


If you'd like to add title, caption, or keyword information to files that you've already uploaded into the editSuite, you can click on the EDIT button after highlighting a portfolio/library image in the LIGHTBOX module to bring up a similar panel. In this area, you can input text for image info and keywords and also designate a border to appear around the image on the front of the site. To move from one image to another inside the EDIT panel, simply click on NEXT or PREVIOUS to navigate through the portfolio or library collection. Be sure to save your work when you're finished!

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