How to Install the liveBooks Plugin for Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a software package that helps you import, process, and manage your photos. Follow the steps below to get started with the liveBooks Plug­in for Lightroom. 

Here is how to download and install this plug-in from Adobe Add-ons Website: 

- Download and install the free Creative Cloud application from this location 
- Make sure Files Syncing is turned on in the Creative Cloud app preferences 
- On this plug-in page click on "Free" / "Install" to acquire the plugin. The "Free" button will change to "Install" once you are signed in 
- In a few seconds Creative Cloud should issue a notification such as "The Add-on was installed" 
- This does not mean that the plug-in is installed with Lightroom but rather that the plugin has been downloaded from your Adobe account to your local drive as a ZIP file 
- Browse your Downloads folder and look for this file "" 
- Extract the plugin archive to a known location on your local disk

  • Open Lightroom, go to File ­> Plugin Manager:
  • Click on Add at bottom left 

  • Locate the plugin file on your hard drive, then click Add Plug-in, and Done. If it is not enabled by default, enable it.  

  • Once you are back at Lightroom, you will find liveBooks listed among the Publish Services under the left navigation panel towards the bottom. 

  • Double click on Livebooks or click ‘Setup’. This will bring up the setup window. 

Under the section labeled LiveBooks: 
- Enter the URL of your website 
-Click Authorize 

  • A new pop-up window will ask you to confirm. Click on Authorize again and it will open a browser window to a login screen. 

  • Once you reach this login screen, enter your editSuite login credentials for your liveBooks website, then click Sign In: 

  • You should see a successful login screen like this: 

  • Next, return to Lightroom. You will see a Complete Authorization pop-up, confirm it: 

  • At this point, the authorization process is complete. You should see this: 

  • Click on Save to exit.
  • Once you are back at Lightroom, you should see liveBooks publishing service listed with a “Default Collection”. This is a local image collection inside Lightroom created by the system. We recommend renaming it and linking it to an editSuite library so you can publish images remotely to editSuite. Double click on Default Collection to bring up the settings window: 

  • Rename the Default Collection. Then use the drop-down list to select a library you would like this collection to publish to. The list of libraries are pulled from your editSuite. If you add a new library from editSuite, it will automatically show up here. 

  • This completes the setup. To get started, select some of your images, and drag them to the re-named collection. 

  • You should see the images under the heading “New Photos to Publish”.
  • Click on the Publish button at the top-right corner. Please note: any image title and caption entered in association with uploaded photos will be part of the publishing service.
  • Once completed, you should your photos under the new setting Published Photos: 

  • If you make any changes to photos, Lightroom will move them to a new section called “Modified Photos to Re-publish” 

  • You will need to click on the Publish button to re-publish those modified images. 

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