editSuite Help - Mobile Websites 2.0 FAQs

Mobile Websites 2.0 is our new HTML5 mobile site design. It is easier to navigate on mobile devices and allows your visitors to view your images and portfolios in a grid, long scrolling page, or full-screen slide show. All of your editable information pages will be displayed in one scrolling section and social sharing is available from anywhere on the site. 

Do I have to use Mobile Websites 2.0? 

You may still revert back to Mobile 1.0, but we highly recommend that you use Mobile 2.0 to take advantage of the improvements for Google’s new ranking algorithm. We welcome your suggestions on any additional features or improvements you’d like to see in Mobile 2.0 as it continues to evolve. 

How do I enable Mobile Websites 2.0? 

You can enable Mobile Websites 2.0 right from your editSuite. In the "Edit Content" tab select "Mobile Sites" and click on "Enable Mobile 2.0". More detailed instructions can be found in this section of your editSuite. Once you activate Mobile Websites 2.0, your tablet and mobile phone site will both be automatically updated. 

Does Mobile Websites 2.0 work on all mobile devices? 

Yes, Mobile Websites 2.0 is compatible with all mobile platforms and devices. 

Do custom editable information pages work on Mobile Websites 2.0? 

At this time only editable information pages are available on Mobile Websites 2.0. That said it may be possible to find a solution for your custom editable information pages. Please contact our support team for assistance at support@livebooks.com

Do videos display on Mobile Websites 2.0? 

Yes, all your videos will display. 

How do I view information about specific images? 

To view the image information (title, description, etc.) of an image, simply tap the image within the gallery. 

Am I able to customize fonts? 

Yes, you are able to customize up to two fonts. If you’d like suggestions of as to what font might look best with your site please ask us at support@livebooks.com

Am I able to customize colors? 

Yes, you are able to customize up to four colors. If you’d like us to recommend a color scheme that matches your non mobile site please ask us at support@livebooks.com

If I don't select or change certain colors and fonts, what happens? 

If you choose not to customize the color scheme of your mobile site the default the colors of your existing Tablet site. 

Can I preview what my Mobile 2.0 site will look like? 

You are able to preview your site by clicking "preview" within the editSuite. You are also able to see a live preview of the colors and fonts (with sample content) on the right side of your editSuite. 

When will my non-mobile website be available in HTML5? 

We expect the first phase of this platform to be available for demonstration later this year, but, as timing could vary, we will continue to provide you with more information as the details are finalized, including the features and migration process. In the meantime, we will continue to refine our new mobile website to help address your needs. If you would like to suggest any feature improvements please contact us at feedback@livebooks.com

Will my social media buttons work on my Mobile 2.0 site? 

Yes, your viewers can share and follow your work from anywhere on your site if you are using the Share and Follow buttons that are native to your liveBooks website. At this time, custom social media icons will not appear on Mobile Websites 2.0. However, we may be able to provide you with an alternate solution. Please contact us at support@livebooks.com

How do I remove the portfolios that appear on my Mobile 2.0 Website that are not shown on my non-mobile site? 

You can hide the portfolios you do not want shown on your mobile site by logging into your editSuite, going to the “Edit Content” section and selecting the “Lightbox”. Once in your Lightbox choose the portfolio you want to hide from the drop down menu then click the “Options” button and check the box next to “Hide This Portfolio”. Make sure you save your changes. 

Why is my contact information not appearing on my Mobile 2.0 site? 

If your contact information is on a non editable page, it will not appear. If this is the case, contact us at support@livebooks.com and we will make the necessary changes.

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