What browsers are liveBooks sites compatible with?

liveBooks sites and editSuite have been approved for use and are compatible with the following browsers: 

Internet Explorer 8+ 
Firefox 15+ 
Safari 5+ 
Chrome 21+ 

liveBooks recommends updating your browser regularly to protect yourself against security vulnerabilities. 
Other browsers may work but we do not provide any warranty or support for those solutions. 

The version of each browser that liveBooks currently supports is available on the Browser Compatibility List

This list is updated from time to time as new browser software is made available and adequately tested. At this time all viewers are required to install version 11 (or higher) of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in to use and view the website and editSuite. To confirm that you're running the most recent version please check here. You can download the latest version of the plugin directly from Adobe here

Please note that if you are using Apple OS 10.6.x, upgrading to Flash 13.x is not recommended. Apple has officially stopped their own support for 10.6.x. 

If you are having issues seeing with the Flash Player, please see Adobe's "using flash player" instructions here

liveBooks does not represent or warrant that the website or editSuite will perform with any other browsers, plug-ins, or operating systems not set forth on the Browser Compatibility List.

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