What are the liveBooks DNS records? *** This post and feature is only applicable for users who created a liveBooks account before 08.06.2015

Here are all the server and zone records for your site. 

To point your entire domain to our servers please update the Authoritative Servers for your domain through your domain registrar control panel. 

» Authoritative servers: 

NS: ns1.livebooksedu.com 

NS: ns2.livebooksedu.com 

If you wish for liveBooks to only host your website, leaving email and other services with your current or other providers, please update your domain's root A record and 'www' CNAME record. Your registrar should be able to assist you in making these changes. 

» Zones: 

root A record:

CNAME: www - agency5.livebooks.com 

» Additional zones: 

MX: ismtp.livebooks.everyone.net (set at a priority of 10) 

CNAME: mail - mail.livebooks.everyone.net 

CNAME: webmail - siteurl.everyone.net 

CNAME: blog - blog6.livebooks.com

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