How do I Go Live? *** This post and feature is only applicable for users who created a liveBooks account before 08.06.2015

Once you have activated your website subscription using the activation link in editSuite, you can request to go live. Please contact the support team for help with this process at 

We need ALL of the information required on the Go Live form to send your site live. On the form you will need to: 

1. Enter your contact information and an email address that is NOT associated with your liveBooks domain name. 

2. Enter the domain name you would like to use for your liveBooks site in the URL field. 

3. Enter your Domain Registrar, registrar username and password in the corresponding fields. We will use this information to ensure that your domain points to your site on our servers. 

* Please note that liveBooks does not manage domain names. The Domain Registrar is the company where you purchased and registered the domain name that you intend to use for your liveBooks site. Common registrars are:,, and Some hosting companies use 3rd party companies to register domain names for you. If you are unsure of your domain registrar, visit 

4. In the "Additional Information" field you should leave any information regarding services hosted by third party providers that you wish to keep (email, blogs, FTP etc...). If your package includes email addresses, our support team will contact you to get the information we need to set up the addresses. 

5. Click "Submit Go Live Request" and you will be entered into our Go Live queue. Our Support team will contact you within 1-2 business days.

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