editSuite Help - How do I use the Your Lightbox module?

You can use the Lightbox to move images from libraries to your portfolios that will be visible on your website. This module is found in the "EDIT CONTENT" tab from your editSuite.

  • In order to populate a portfolio, you first have to select it from the drop down menu:

After that you need to select the library that has the images you want to use:

The images in the library available for importing into the portfolio will appear on the bottom of the screen:

P above the image indicates that this image is already included in a portfolio on the site. An I above the image indicates that the image contains information and/or an image title. A $ indicates that the image has been placed for sale through the shopping cart module. 

  • Choose the image(s) that you want to import from the library and drag and drop it (them) to the portfolio in the sequence where you want the images to appear. 

  • You can move (an) image(s) within the portfolio by dragging and dropping the image(s) to the new location.
  • If you want to swap two images by retain the order of the rest of the portfolio you can select the Swap button and then click on the two images that you want to swap. The images will change places.
  • Smaller vertical images can be aligned to the left, the right or the center. To align a single smaller image in the portfolio click on the image and then right click to get the menu. Select the alignment that you want for the image, or simply click on the image and drag to the right, center or left side of the frame.

  • Smaller Vertical images can also be grouped together for viewing.

  • Once you are satisfied with the portfolio click Save. 


  • To hide a portfolio from the front of your site, click the Options button. Check the Hide This Portfolio on the Site check box and click Save. Now this portfolio will not be available to be viewed on your site.
  • To have a portfolio automatically start into a slideshow when viewed on the site, click the Options button. Check the Start Slideshow Automatically check box and click Save. When a viewer visits this portfolio the slideshow will begin automatically.

  • To reset a portfolio to the last saved state, click on the Reset button.


In order to create a PDF you must have this optional upgrade on your site. If you do not and you wish to purchase it contact liveBooks for assistance. 

  • Prior to creating a PDF you must have saved all changes made within the Lightbox.
  • Click on the PDF button. The PDF Generation window will pop up. 

  • Choose the source of the PDF, Portfolios or Libraries. Click Generate to continue.
  • The PDF Dialog will open. 

Choose to open the PDF or Save it to Disk. Then click OK. The PDF will be generated and opened or saved to your computer, depending on the action that you choose. 


To delete an image from a portfolio, select the image in the portfolio and the click the Delete button. The image will be deleted from the portfolio, but remains in the library.

To delete an image from a library, select the image in the library and click on Delete. A warning will pop up. 

Click on Yes to Continue with the delete. The image is now removed from your site. 


  • To preview an image, select the image that you want to preview.
  • Then check the Image Preview checkbox. The image will appear:

  • Click Close Window when you are done with image preview.
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