How can I manage spam coming in through my email account? *** This post and feature is only applicable for users who created a liveBooks account before 08.06.2015

Below you will find detailed and valuable information about managing SPAM emails. 
Feel free to share other tips and tricks that worked for you! 

The first thing you have to do is to add the email addresses or domains of those sending you spam emails to your blocked senders list. (See instructions for that below.) 

Also you have to check the the setting on Spam Shield. (Instructions Below) This should stop most of the spam. If there is still some spam coming in you should set up some inbound email rules to block that. (Instructions Below) 

The final thing a user can do to minimize getting spam is to not use the email address to sign up for unverified services on the Internet. Most places that take your email address when you sign up for something, will add your address to a list. They then often sell that list to other companies and to spammers. We recommend using a secondary free account from one of the numerous free providers when signing up for various services on the Internet. 

Only use your main account for contacting people you trust not to pass your address on. Also publicly posting your email address on sites like Facebook, or forums, or comment sections on blogs will increase the likelihoods of getting spam exponentially, since it makes the address easier for the spammer to harvest. 

How To Add An Email Address/Domain To The Blocked Senders List:

  • Log into account
  • Click on Options
  • Click on SpamShield Pro
  • Make sure the box to Enable SpamShield Pro is checked
  • Scroll down to the Blocked Senders
  • Type in the email address or domain to be blocked
  • Click on Block
  • Repeat as needed.
  • Click on Save 

How to properly delete SPAM emails:

  • Select the unwanted messages in your inbox
  • Click on the Spam on the menu above. This will delete the message from your Inbox and report it to the Spam and Abuse department 

The more Spam you mark, the better the system will get at weeding out those annoying messages. Be careful when marking emails as Spam so you don't end up blocking emails you do want! 

* If you find a message wrongly classified as Spam, you can un-mark the message:

  • Go to your Spam folder.
  • Locate the email that was incorrectly marked as Spam.
  • Right click on the email and choose Approve Sender. 

How To Check The Setting For SpamShield Pro:

  • Log into account
  • Click on Options
  • Click on SpamShield Pro
  • Make sure the box to Enable SpamShield Pro is checked
  • Under Sensitivity adjust the setting. Remember the lower the setting the more restrictive the filter will be. So a lower setting is preferred if you are receiving a lot of spam > 2.5 is the default setting.
  • Click on Save 

Setting Up Email Rules For Inbound Mail:

  • Log into account
  • Click on Options
  • Click on Email Rules
  • Click on New Rule
  • Select criteria for rule (dependent on what you are trying to block)
  • Add conditions as needed
  • Add another action as needed to perform a desired action on messages that trigger the rule. (Tell the system what to do with the message)
  • Click on Save
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