SEO optimization - image file names

Both the Image title that you can add via the editSuite and the name of the .jpg file itself have a great importance from an SEO perspective. The most important fact is to make sure that your image files are not uploaded on the website with the default name given by the camera, such as DSC00045.jpg. You must take your time and name the files appropriately to the content of the shot. The title must be around 2-3 words (max) separated by the "-"(minus) symbol (ex: cherry-tree.jpg). 

With this done the next step is naming the images via the editSuite with the approximate same title and adding a relevant and short description of the photo. 

Search engines will capture both titles and use them for indexing the content of your website, thus increasing the chance of someone finding you online if the search terms match to what you wrote about your images.

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