How do I upgrade my preDesign site to Scaler?

Upgrading from a current preDesign website to a Scaler preDesign website is done at no cost and will not affect your current hosting fee. To get the process started you need to pick a design template from the list here. 
Once you are happy with your choice you need to email our Support team and let us know the name of the template, the color scheme that you want and also please mention if you want the new site to have a free multi-video, Vimeo enabled page. 

Once we hear from you we will create a new website and email you the necessary links so that you can get started and upload your images. We are currently offering an image prep service if you are too busy to spend time on this and want our specialists to do it. If you care do do it yourself you can find a very useful guide here. 

To help you customize the new Professional or Custom website we are offering you a "free round of changes", which includes a custom logo integration, menu color and rollover color change, custom background integration and adding/deleting or renaming your editable pages. During all this time it takes you to prepare and upload your images and make the changes that you want your current website remains live, so you do not have to worry about having any down-time. 

Once all this is done and the new website looks the way you want it you can email us and request that we make your website live instead of your old one.

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