How do I add hyperlinks within title and caption (image info) information

To add a link inside the 'image info' (title or caption) for an image inside a portfolio or library:

  • Login into the editSuite.
  • Under the "edit content" tab, click on My Lightbox.
  • Click and highlight an image in the Portfolio or Library area.
  • Click on the EDIT button. The image information section will appear.
  • Enter any image title or description. To embed a hyperlink within this text, highlight the text to be linked and click on the link button (looks like a figure 8 on its side). You will then need to enter in the URL address and choose to have the link open in the same browser window or a new one. 

Click save/ok when done.

Here is a video tutorial on how to add live links to the image info section: 

Creating live links in your image info section from liveBooks on Vimeo.

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