What is my Vimeo Video ID?

To set up your Vimeo homepage or single video page in the editSuite, you'll need input the Video ID that is assigned to your video file at Vimeo.com. To find this ID, 

  • Log into your Vimeo account, then navigate to the 'Videos' menu item at the top of the page and select 'My Videos'.
  • From the 'My Videos' screen, select the Video that you want to feature on your liveBooks site, and copy the numeric code that appears at the end of its URL at the top of your browser window:

* Note that you only need the numbers at the end, not 'vimeo.com'.

  • Copy this code from your browser window, then paste it into the appropriate field in your editSuite PAGES module:

  • Click the SAVE button in the bottom right corner of the editSuite module, then hit the VIEW WEBSITE button at the top to initiate a sync with your Vimeo account.

* Remember that this last step is necessary after you've made any adjustments to your Vimeo video page!


Here is a video tutorial on how to set up your liveBooks Vimeo page: 

LiveBooks Vimeo video page setup from liveBooks on Vimeo.

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