How do I authenticate my site using Bing Web Master Tools?

There are three ownership verification methods. Click the option best suited for your site and follow the on-screen instructions:

  • XML File authentication: Click BingSiteAuth.xml to save the custom XML file, which contains your customized ownership verification code, to your computer, and then upload the file to your FTP Module in your editSuite - Choose the "upload file for web viewing" option. The Bing engine will automatically identify this file and verify site ownership once it has been uploaded to your site.

For the second and third options you must contact our Support team  or your domain registrar for assistance.

  • Meta tag authentication: Copy the displayed <meta> tag with your custom ownership verification code to the clipboard. Then send it to us so we can add it onto your website.
  • Add CNAME record to DNS: This option requires access to your domain DNS records. If we are the ones controlling them we will add the c name for you. If we don't have control over your DNS then you have to contact your domain registrar and request that the c name is added.

You can find more detailed information about this here.

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