What is the difference between "libraries" and "portfolios" ?

Libraries are for organizing and storing your images in editSuite and do not appear on your site. There is no limit to the number of Libraries you can have on your site and you can add more in the editSuite "Name Portfolios and Libraries" module. The images in a Library do not have to "mirror" the images in a Portfolio. 

Portfolios, once populated with at least one image, will show on your website (unless you "hide" them via the editSuite). You can create different Portfolios using images from multiple Libraries. You may have a limit to the number of Portfolios on your site, depending on the site package you purchased.

Log into editSuite, choose "edit content" then "name portfolios & libraries". 
Click the white arrow next to "portfolios" or "libraries"
You can rename, reorder, add additional libraries and portfolios (depending on your site package) here.

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