SEO benefits of the liveBooks companion blog

Blogging first and foremost should be a way for you to connect with your readers, or promote your work in a interesting way. By that I mean, if you're going to, or have started a blog, you should do it for business and communication reasons, not for SEO reasons. 

With that said, blogs do help with search engine visibility! Most websites have a fairly limited number of pages, and a limited number of words per page. Adding a blog means you can regularly create rich content, and include the keywords you’re trying to rank well for in search results. You’ll be giving search engines more pages and content to crawl on your site, and more opportunity to see your important keywords. 

Basically, your blog is a separate website that is essentially 'talking about you' via the content and posts you add to it. Google's search algorithm seems to weigh a good deal of importance on being mentioned or brought up by other sources on the web. This in turn would boost your ranking just as if you were the focal point on an article for an online magazine. 

Remember though, keeping fresh content on your blog is key if you want to really utilize the benefits it can have for your SEO. Over time posts fall of of Google's radar.

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