Why are Livebooks webstats different from Google Analytics stats?

The two stats systems work a bit differently:

AWstats, a tracking system previously offered and still available to legacy clients, is installed on our servers and tracks nearly every file being accessed on the server. The higher number of hits can be attributed to the tracking on source files, directories, and bots crawling the site.

Google Analytics works by replicating a snippet of code on all pages of the HTML portion of your site. As a viewer navigates, GA gets pinged with every page change, homepage, contact page, every image in every portfolio, ect. GA is counting page views and navigation in a fundamental sense, and does not count any other content. GA also offers rich features in terms of drilling down and searching for content, mapping trends, and visualization. 

For users who would like to find out more information about Google Analytics, or to sign up for a free account, please visit the following link:

A brief tutorial for installing Google Analytics into your liveBooks site is available here:

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