How do I find the hex value of colors used on my site?

If you are on a Mac computer, you can enable an application called "DigitalColor Meter" and use this to get the hex value for any color on your site.

The DigitalColor Meter application can be found in the "Applications > Utilities" folder on your Mac. Set it to show the color as "RGB As Hex Value, 8-bit".
The color information will display in three sections of two characters each, and the hex code is those R, G and B values listed in that order as one character string (example: f3a31d).

In the Photoshop color picker, the hex value is the field with the label "#". Use the color picker to convert a hex value to other color code systems like 16-bit RGB or RGB percentages. Web colors are always specified using the hex value.

If you are on a PC, a similar application called Pixie can be downloaded for free at

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