What can I do to keep my email from getting too full? *** This post and feature is only applicable for users who created a liveBooks account before 08.06.2015

It's a good idea to log into your webmail account regularly to make sure that you are not nearing your email storage limit. 

  • Check your email application to see how it is managing sent and deleted messages. If it is storing those messages on the server, many applications allow you to have those items automatically deleted from the server after a certain amount of time (e.g., one week, one month). If you do not need those items stored on the server at all, then you should disable that feature.
  • In Web Mail, you can set up automated "folder janitors" to help with manage email on the server.

a. Log into your Web Mail account, choose "folders", then click the magnifying glass next to the "trash", "junk" and "spam" folders. 

b. Change the "folder janitor" settings to delete emails after a certain number of days, or when that folder is a certain percentage full, or both.

c. You can also set up the "folder janitor" for the inbox, if needed.

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