editSuite Help - How do I use the Social Media module?

The Social media module is used to add “Share” and “Follow” buttons to your website. This module is found under the "Styling" tab in your editSuite.

With the “Share” feature you give your visitors the ability to share your website with friends by posting links to their networks at places like Facebook and Twitter.

The “Follow” feature allows you to direct your visitors to the other places you are present on the web so they can learn more about you.


Use the drop down under “Enable Social Media Buttons On The Website” in your editSuite to turn on & manage your share & follow buttons.

You can choose from the following 4 options: “None”, “Share”, “Follow” or enable both by choosing “Share+Follow”:

Use the “position” drop down for placement on your website. The options are : Upper Left, Upper Right, Lower Left and Lower right:

Choose one of 4 button styles from the “style” drop down: white, light, medium or dark.

Click “Save” to save the changes.


You’ll see this option if you’ve enabled the “Follow” or “Share+Follow” in your editSuite.

To add a “follow” destination, choose an option from the “Add a Follow Destination” drop down menu, then click “Add Destination”. 

We’ve supplied options for some of the most popular destinations: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Tumblr and Flickr. Use the “Blog/Link” option to add other destinations, such as your blog or even a second Facebook, Twitter, or any other destination.

When you click “Add Destination” a pop up will appear for you to add the destination link. 

When you choose the generic “Blog/Link” option you’ll need to enter both the name and the destination link.

Click “Add” and the new destination will appear in the “My Follow Destinations” window. Click “Save” to save your work.

Use the “Edit” or “Delete” buttons to update or remove any of your destinations. Click “Save” to save your changes.

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