How do I add slideshows to my site?

You can use the FTP area of your editSuite to upload slideshows (created in another application) to your site. 

  • On your computer, compress the folder that contains the slideshow to a .zip file. 

*** It is important that the folder name and filenames NOT contain any spaces. (Use _ to separate words.) 
*** The size of the zip file cannot exceed 500MB. 

  • In the editSuite FTP section, choose "upload a compressed web gallery for web viewing" from the "choose" drop down menu. 


  • Click on "upload". A file browser window will appear. Select the zip file and click "ok". The slideshow will be uploaded and will show up in the list with some related action buttons. 


  • The Action Buttons options are the following: 

-See It: To preview an item posted for web viewing before sending the link to the client. 
-Send: To send a file to your client for viewing or download. A pop up window will have the slideshow's web address, and other information, to copy and paste into an email and send to your client.

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