Password requirements for email accounts *** This post and feature is only applicable for users who created a liveBooks account befo

Our email hosting partner has updated their password requirements in order to increase email security. The new password requirements have been put in place earlier this year (May 2012) and until now only applied to new accounts or when a change of password was performed for an existing email account. They are now expiring all passwords to make sure all email accounts meet the new security standards: 

  • The password must be 8-20 characters and can not start or end in a space. 
  • The password must contain at least one of these characters: !@#$%^&*()~`-=_+[]\\{}|:\";',./<>? 
  • The password must contain at least one digit [0-9]. 
  • The password must contain at least one upper and one lower case letter. 
  • The password must not match your login name or email address.

You will be able to change your password/s by clicking the direct link you received in the notification email. This will take you to your webmail account ( Once logged in you will have the option of either changing the password right away or changing it later. Each time you log into your webmail account you will see the notification to update the password if you don't do it right away. 

If you are using email applications like Mac mail, Outlook, Thunderbird etc.. to check your emails using the POP or IMAP protocols you will have to put in the new password/s in order for the account/s to continue to synchronize with the email server. 

*Please note that if you don't change the password within 14 days your email account/s will be locked. If you have multiple email accounts with us you will have to update the passwords for all of them.

If you forgot your email password you can reset it from your editSuite, under the Email Management module, or you can contact our Support Team and we will reset the password for you. 

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