editSuite Help - How do I use the Client Access module?

You can use this module to either generate custom portfolios through your editSuite just as you would in the Lightbox, or upload web galleries generated through third party applications (such as Photoshop). This module is found in the "EDIT CONTENT" tab from your editSuite. 

If the Client Access feature is enabled on your liveBooks site, a menu item exists that, once clicked, displays a simple password field. You provide your client with the password that will allow them to access the content. This feature is great for displaying proofs, has professional practicality, and has a definite 'cool factor'. As far as uploading standalone files you will still have to use your FTP module for the upload portion. 


  • To add a new project, click on the Add Project button. The Add Project window will appear. 

  • Enter the Project Name and click Add. The Project Home window will appear. 

  • Fill the client name and password in the boxes where indicated.
  • Add any greeting that you want the client to see when they log into the project
  • Enter longer messages to the client in the Note to Client section of the screen. Please keep in mind that the Note to Client box on the site does not have a scrollbar so longer notes will not appear in full.
  • Click on the Add Portfolio/HTML/Link button to select the type of content you wish to show in your project. The Menu Item Type window will appear. 

  • Enter the Item Name in the box and then click on the type and click Add.
  • Follow the instructions for the type selected below: 

CUSTOM PORTFOLIO: If you choose this option the editSuite will open a new custom portfolio assigned to this project and will send you to the lightbox to add images. 

Click Close when you are done to return to the Project List. 

URL LINK: If you choose this option an Edit Link window will appear. Enter the link and click Save. 

This allows you to enter a link to outside services for print fulfillment or any other purposes. 

JPG/GIF upload: If you choose this option you will go to a file upload screen. 

Choose Upload Files to upload the file. The Select Files window will appear. 

Select the file that you want to upload as part of the project and click Select. The file will appear in the acquire area. 

Drag and drop the image that you want to be included in the project to the Image Preview section of the screen on the right. Click Save. 

Zipped HTML Sub-site: If you choose this option a Select File window will open. Select your zipped HTML sub-site and click Select. The HTML sub-site will be added to your project. 

  • You can add multiple items to your project. When you are finished click Save. 


  • Select the project that you want to rename.
  • Click the Rename button. The Rename dialog box will appear.
  • Type the new name and click Rename. Click Save. 


  • Select the project you want to delete.
  • Click the Delete button. The warning dialog box will appear.
  • Click Yes to delete the project. Click Save. 


  • Select the project that you want to reorder.
  • Click the up arrow to move the project up, the down arrow to move the project down.
  • When you are done click Save. 

Client access module overview from liveBooks on Vimeo.

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