editSuite Help - How do I use the Upload Images module?

The Upload Images page is used to upload your images to your liveBooks website. This module is found in the "EDIT CONTENT" tab from your editSuite.

To correctly upload images to your site just follow the steps below: 

It's best to resize your images per the instructions we provide, but you can optionally allow the editSuite to resize your images upon upload, as detailed below in step 2a. 

  • If you want the editSuite to resize your files for you upon upload, check the Resize Images On Upload checkbox. By selecting this feature your image will be scaled to a smaller size (if it is too large) during upload. This feature is meant to be used as a last resort and treats all images with the same level of compression, which does not yield the best results in all cases. We always recommend that for best results you resize images prior to upload, giving you the opportunity to assess image quality prior to having it up on your site. 

  • If you want supported metadata that is embedded in your images to be imported upon upload, check the Import Embedded Metadata checkbox. Data stored in the IPTC Headline, Caption and Keywords fields will be added automatically as Image Info when you drag your images into libraries. The Image Info can help search indexing of your site and images. 

  • Click the Upload Files button. The Select Files dialog will pop up.
  • Find the folder that contains the images that you want to upload and then choose the image(s). You can select an individual file by clicking on the file name, or select multiple files by using Shift and clicking for sequential groups of files or Apple (or CTRL on PC) and clicking for non-sequential files. Once you have selected all of the images that you want to upload choose Select.
  • The images will be uploaded into the acquire area in your Upload Image page. You will see thumbnails of the images appear in the top area as shown. 

You can preview an image by checking the Preview box and then selecting the image that you want to preview. The larger image will appear in the preview area on the bottom of the page. 

NOTE: Images will remain in the acquire area until they are moved into a library for permanent storage, or until you select the file and choose Delete Selected Files. 

You can choose the Select All button to select all images, or the Deselect All button to deselect all images and start again. 

  • Select images to move to a library for permanent storage on your site. Images must be moved to a library prior to placing them in a portfolio for viewing on the front end of the site. You can select images individually by clicking on the images that you want to move, or select all by clicking the All button.
  • Once you have selected the images you want to move to a library you drag and drop them to the library listed on the right side of the screen. The thumbnails will move from the holding area to the library.
  • You can move images to a different library by selecting the images that you want to move and dragging and dropping them to that library. You can place images in multiple libraries in a single upload process as needed.
  • Once you are happy with the placement of the images in the libraries click Save. The images are now saved to the libraries. 


To select a library, mouse over it. 

Click on the selected library to Open the library and see thumbnails of images that you are in the process of moving into the library. 

Click on an open library bar to Close the library. 

You can select images to move to different libraries. Use the Select All button to select all images and the Deselect All button to deselect all images. 

Select Delete to delete an image and move it back to the acquire area. 

Check the View All Files checkbox to see the images already saved to the library in addition to the files you are in the process of saving. 

Click on Lightbox to go to your lightbox. For instructions on how to use the Lightbox please click here


  • To add image information, select an image in the library that you want to work with and select the Image Title/Comments/Keywords tab.
  • The image information section will appear.
  • Enter the image title in the title area.
  • Enter the image comments/descriptions in the comments/description area.
  • Enter the Keywords in the keywords area.
  • If you want a key line around the image, select the Border checkbox and specify the width and color of the border.
  • Click Save 

Moving images from one library to another from liveBooks on Vimeo.

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