editSuite Help - How do I use the Account Info/Passwords module?

The Account Info/Passwords page is used to maintain account information and manage users and passwords. This module is found in the "RESOURCES" tab from your editSuite.


  • Enter information for your account in the fields in the left panel.
  • Fill in the data that you want displayed on your PDF and Print Comp Cards if you have these options active on your site.
  • Click Save when you are done.


Updating Administrator Information:

  • Select the administrator in the User List.

  • Add your email address and update your username and/or create a new password.
  • Click OK and the window will close.
  • Click Save.

Adding a user

  • Click Add User. 

  • An Add User window will appear. 

Type the new user name, password (confirm password by entering twice) and email address and click Add User. The window will close. 

  • Click Save. 

Editing a Users Details 

  • Select the users name in the User List and the user detail section will appear. 

  • Make the desired changes to the user: change the user name, password or make the user an administrator, then click OK.
  • Click Save. 

Deleting a User

  • Select the users name from the User List and the user detail section will appear.

  • Click on Delete User. A warning will appear to ensure that you want to delete the user.

  • Click Yes. The user is deleted and will no longer appear on the User List.
  • Click Save.
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