editSuite Help - How do I use the Music module?

You can use this module to upload mp3 files that you want played on your site. This module is found in the "STYLING" tab from your editSuite.


  • Choose Upload New Music to upload music to your site. A legal disclaimer will appear. Read the disclaimer and click "agree" if you agree with the statement. 

  • If "agree" was selected, a browser window will appear. Select music file and click "ok". The newly uploaded file will appear as a bar in the upload music area.
  • To preview the audio, click "play". Click "stop" to stop the music preview. Click "delete" if you want to remove the file. 

  • Go to the Website Locations tab in this module to assign audio to be played on particular pages or portfolios on your site. 


  • Select the website page or portfolio that you want to assign music to and select the audio file you want played from the choose music pull down menu.
  • Check the "looping" box if you want the music file to loop on that page. Leave it blank if you want the music file played one time. Select "none" if you do not wish to have music played on a particular page or portfolio.
  • Click "save" when you have made all of your selections. 

*NOTE: If the same music file is selected for two locations on the site, the song will play continuously as the site viewer moves from one location to the other. 

Adding music to your site from liveBooks on Vimeo.

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