Tips on getting started with your Wordpress companion blog & examples

Here is some information that will help you get started with your new blog. 

Setting up the sidebar 

In the blog control panel on the left side, choose Appearance and then, underneath that, Widgets. 
On this screen you are able to control and rename the sections and links that appear on your blog sidebar. 

By default, the ones that are showing on the blog sidebar when you get the blog are: Pages, Archives, Categories, Blogroll and Meta. 
In the control panel, you choose which sections you want to appear by dragging that section from the middle Available Widgets area to the Sidebar 1 area on the right. 
You are able to rename and reorder those section as you see fit. 

Many users choose to delete the Meta section entirely. 

You can manage the Pages and Links sections via their individual modules in the control panel. 


You can set up information pages on the blog, such as a Bio page or a page detailing the specific purpose of the blog. 
Your blog comes with an "About" page already created. 
You can manage or rename this page, and create new ones, in the blog control panel. 
Click the Pages heading on the left side of the control panel, and choose Edit or Add New. 


This is an area that you can use to list and link to other blogs that you want to help promote (i.e., your blogroll), or link back to your main portfolio website, or other websites. 
You can manage or rename this link category, and create link categories, in the control panel module called Links. 
The first link category cannot be deleted, but you can change its name from Blogroll to something else, and change the individual links. 
To remove all links from your blog sidebar, do not include the Links widget on your sidebar in the Widgets module. 

The information above addresses most common questions users have when initially preparing their blog. 

For detailed information about the other control panel sections or options, please read this summary


To begin posting to your blog, simply click Posts in the upper left of the control panel. 
Click Edit to delete (or modify) the placeholder posts that are present on your blog when you first receive it. 
Click Add New to create your first new post! 

For more information about creating posts, read these step-by-step instructions

Using HTML 

You can edit the HTML code for a post via the "HTML" tab in the upper right of the text area (when you're composing a post). 
You can also create content in the sidebar using HTML, by going to Appearance>Widgets and adding a new text widget to the sidebar. This allows you to add or embed graphics, and link those graphics to other URLs. Please note that liveBooks cannot provide extensive support on the use of HTML, but there are many free HTML resources on the web.  This onedetails tips for Wordpress specifically. 

Please contact liveBooks Support if you have any questions.

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