editSuite Help - How do I use the Loading page graphic module?

You can use this module to upload a loading page graphic for your site and change the loading indicator for your site. This module is found in the "STYLING" tab from your editSuite.

*PLEASE NOTE: liveBooks has found out that sites are perceived to load fastest with no loading page graphic, so adding a loading page graphic can slow down the loading experience for your visitors. 


You have two choices for content type for the loading page graphic: 

The  Original graphic option, which is a graphic that liveBooks either created for you or uploaded on your behalf. 

The  Uploaded graphic option, which is a graphic that you upload through the editSuite using this module. 

*PLEASE NOTE: not all liveBooks websites will have a custom graphic that the Design Team created or uploaded, so the Original graphic option will not be available for those websites. 

  • To display the Original Graphic choose Original Graphic from the DISPLAY area. Click Save. 

  • To display an Uploaded Graphic choose Uploaded Graphic from the DISPLAY area. 

  • Click the Upload Files button to upload the file that you want to use as your loading page graphic. A browse files window will appear. Select the file you want to upload and click Open. 

  • The file will appear in the acquire area in section 1 of the screen. Drag and Drop the image that you want to use as your loading page graphic to the image preview section of the screen (on the right side). 

You can use the Delete Selected files to delete any uploaded files that you do not want to use. The Preview button will allow you to preview your selected file in the Image Preview area. 

  • The Splash Appearance needs to have selected and option that includes a graphic. From here you can disable the loading page graphic without deleting the file, by selecting an option that does not include a graphic. 

Set the SplashTimer to the length of time that you want the image to appear. 

  • Click Save when you are happy with your settings. 


  • If you would like a loading indicator to appear while your site is loading choose an option from the Splash Appearance Section that includes a Loading Indicator. 

  • Choose the loading indicator type and color in the appropriate section. To Preview the loading indicator click on Preview. To change the colors back to those that match your site choose Reset Colors. 

  • Enter the text that you want to appear under the loading bar in the splash text field. You can set the colors as you wish. To change the colors back to those that match your site choose Reset Colors. 

  • Click Save when you are done. 

Add / remove loading page graphic from liveBooks on Vimeo.

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