What is the browser cache and how do I empty it?

All browsers have a folder in which certain items that have been downloaded are stored for future access (ex: icons, buttons, banners, entire web pages etc...). When navigating to a page your browser will first check it's cache folder to see if it already has downloaded content from that page. If it does, then it won't take the time to download them again.

This makes for a faster loading of the page or website. If you make a change to your website from the editSuite and your browser loads the website from the cache, you won't see the latest change. This is why after making changes to your website we suggest to clear the browser cache first and then reload your website.

In Firefox you can download the "Clear cache" add-on. You will get a button that looks like a broom that you can use to clear the browser's cache. You can get the add-on here:


In Safari you need to go to top menu to "Safari" and click on the "Clear history and website data" option.

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