Split portfolio - When i hide a portfolio, why do the rest of my portfolios switch categories

Your site features 'split portfolio' menus. In order for your portfolios to appear under multiple drop menus, our design team has coded all but one category to contain a set quantity of active portfolios at all times. Portfolios that do not contain any images or are hidden inside the LIGHTBOX module will not contribute to this count, so if you hide one, the display of all subsequent portfolios will adjust accordingly on the front of your website.

Please review the following video for an overview of how split portfolios work and what to expect:

Split portfolio overview video

This video is also available for full size viewing  here.

As explained in the tutorial video above, all but one of your portfolio menus on your site must contain a predetermined number of portfolios, and the last portfolio menu will contain all additional portfolios added after the 'hard-coded' categories have been filled.

If you need to request a revision to your existing portfolio setup, please contact the Support Team and provide the following information so that we may process your split portfolio request:

1. Please let us know the titles of the new menu items that you would like added and where you would like them to appear on your site.
2. Please let us know which portfolio menu(s) will have the limit and what that limit will be.
3. Please let us know if you would like particular portfolios to appear under certain menu items.

*Please note that you will be able to move your portfolios between your portfolio menus by adjusting their sequence in the Name Portfolios and Libraries module of your editSuite, however you will not be able to adjust the limits of your portfolio menus.

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