liveBooks email migration

As a result of client feedback and internal evaluation, liveBooks has made the decision to no longer offer email management as a feature and remove our current third party email provider from our offerings.

Our team is working diligently to finalize our new liveBooks8 platform and we are excited about all of the recent improvements we are making. These updates include refreshing existing features, while looking closely at products that are no longer providing the best value to you, our clients.

We are not making this decision lightly and understand the intricacy behind any type of email update. This update will be done in phases; the liveBooks team is dedicated to ensuring this is a seamless process for you and we are available to assist you through this transition.


NOTE: For a video tutorial of the entire process, please click here.

Please check the below scenarios and choose which one best fits your needs:
#1: In case you are currently using our email and you want us to help you throughout this process, please let us know the following by sending us an email to

a. I have my email account set-up as: apple mail / webmail / have it forwarded to another email account, etc.
  b. I have decided to migrate to [enter email hosting company] 
      * click here to see which email hosting companies we recommend.

#2. If you wish to do this on your own, we have created some great step by step guides, depending on the account you currently have and the provider you wish to move to next.  As soon as you're migrated over, please don't forget to reach out and confirm we can remove your email account and any hosted emails from our servers.

#3. If you don't use liveBooks email whatsoever, please give us written permission to turn off the module and email service entirely in the editSuite and with our email provider by sending us an email to

As always, we're here and happy to help throughout this process.  

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